Activities that we propose to enjoy during your stay


Trekking: transverse valleys hide inhospitable paths that lead you to discover magical places | Biking: it is an ideal area both for road bike and mountain bike lovers | Climbing: the area is known worldwide for its walls. In more recent years, the Oliana sector (10 minutes driving) has become famous among the best climbers in the world | Ski: less than an hour, you can access into alpine and nordic ski slopes | Paragliding: Organyà is postulated as one of the area most suitable for the practice of this sport | Canyoning: various watercourses hide canyons that encourage the practice of the canyoning.


Cheese: the star product of the region is the milk and therefore its derivatives. Tasting cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese becomes a unique experience | Cooking: various restaurants around offer the chance to enjoy home cooking mountain.


Romanesque: romanesque architecture enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit a wide range of churches, all picturesque | Palaeontology: the paleontological site of Pinyes is a global reference point for that product in the clutches of dinosaur eggs | Raiers: on Museum of Raiers in Coll de Nargó can see in first hand this ancient craft that has given so many years in the area | Megaliths: the megaliths of the Cabó valley are noted for their good condition and their easy access.


Landscapes: several transverse valleys hide unimaginable places | Rivers: various areas of rivers allow to bath in idyllic places. Highlights Ribera Salada del Salí de Cambrils where you can experience the sensation of bathing in the Dead Sea | Trees: enthusiasts of unique and monumental trees also have the opportunity to photograph them | Mushrooms: this is an exceptional territory for the mushroom pickers, where “rovellons” are the star product.